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George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore, Tim Kindberg and Gordon Blair

Fifth Edition, published by Addison Wesley, May 2011

ISBN 0-13-214301-1

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This site is provided and maintained by the authors. It contains additional material intended to assist instructors and others using the book. Solutions to the exercises are not here, they are available only at the instructors’ resource page for the book on the publisher’s site.

New to the fifth edition

New chapters:

Indirect Communication: Covering group communication, publish-subscribe and case studies on JavaSpaces, JMS, WebSphere and Message Queues.

Distributed Objects and Components: Covering component-based middleware and case studies on Enterprise JavaBeans, Fractal and CORBA.

Designing Distributed Systems: Devoted to a major new case study on the Google infrastructure.

Topics added to other chapters: Cloud computing, network virtualization, operating system virtualization, message passing interface, unstructured peer-to-peer, tuple spaces, loose coupling in relation to web services.

Other new case studies: Skype, Gnutella, TOTA, L2imbo, BitTorrent, End System Multicast.

More details about these and other changes are in the Preface.